Twin Workflow - Roll Cutter and Flatbed Cutter in Tandem

Classic workflow

In the classic workflow, finishing jobs are carried out with a multifunction flatbed cutter. Its poly tool heads can control several different tools in alternation - e.g. cutting - creasing - drawing. This means that different workflows can be carried out one after the other on one cutter, allowing relatively flexible production.

Twin Workflow

Twin Workflow

The Twin Workflow* combines the strengths of a Summa S Class 3 series cutter and an F series flatbed cutter. This creates a twin workflow with two cutters that are perfectly matched to each other. Depending on the cutting process, the cutter that is best suited to the job in question is used. So instead of using a single cutter for the entire cutting job, the twin workflow splits the job between the two cutters. In this way, the individual strengths of both machines are fully exploited.

Twin Workflow

In practice, this means that you can cut (KissCut) your graphic designs on the cutting plotter using the OptiScout software. You then transfer the cut roll to the flatbed cutter and cut through it (ThruCut). In this way, you maximize your productivity and significantly accelerate your delivery times.

In combination with the high-end contour cutting solution OptiScout, a unique system is created for ThruCut, KissCut, but also FlexCut and Crease processing of printed roll material.

The Summa S Class 3 Series Roll Cutters

The S Class 3 tangential and drag knife cutters feature excellent engineering and advanced cutting technology. The S Class 3 series is designed to meet the needs of true professionals who demand nothing less than top-notch performance, pinpoint precision and unparalleled versatility in their work.

The Summa S Class 3 not only masters precision and versatility, but also proves to be a durable workhorse built to last. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it stands up to heavy use and delivers consistent, high-quality results day after day.

Summa S CLASS 3

Three different heads are available for the S Class 3: the D Series, especially for drag knife technology, the T Series for tangential knife technology and the TC Series, which combines knife and fiber pen or knife and creasing tool.
There are also different tools for cutting, creasing and drawing. Choose your path to perfection with the D Series, T Series or TC Series cutting heads, each with its own Advantages.

Summa S CLASS 3 - 3 Heads


Performance head functionality (TC model)

The S Class 3 tangential models are the most advanced cutters in the S3 series. Their high-precision cutting head can now apply up to 1000 g of cutting pressure. This allows laminated films, reflective materials and thicker sandblast substrates to be processed with ease.

True Tangential Cutting Technology - The advanced S Class 3 T Series tangential cutting heads feature a unique motor-driven blade that allows the cutters to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision down to the smallest detail. True Tangential Cutting technology handles even heavy sandblast media, paint masks and reflective materials.

Dual head (TC model only)

The dual head operates with 2 tools:

  • 1st tool: tangential knife for cutting through or kiss cutting.
  • 2nd tool: creasing tool or fiber pen

Dual head - cutting and creasing

Camera-based mark recognition (TC model only)

More flexible, faster and more fault-tolerant than sensor-based recognition. This results in significantly higher throughput while minimizing rejects and waste.

The TC head is the perfect solution for short-run creasing and cutting applications up to DIN A1 and B1.

Mark detection with OPOS camera is about 10 times faster than any other light sensor. The placement of "in-field registration marks" results in higher accuracy. Custom camera profiles can be used to process challenging media types.

  Summa S Class 3 with rewind unit

Servo-driven rewind system | option for S3 140 & S3 160

When a job is finished, the system neatly rewinds the artwork and prepares the press for the next job. The integrated rewind function splits long runs into shorter, successive jobs, allowing complete rolls to be cut unattended and the output neatly rolled up ready for delivery.

  Summa S Class 3 with rewind unit

Stable roll holder for heavy media rolls

The roll holder can now accommodate rolls with a diameter of 20 cm and carry a roll weight of up to 45 kg. This improvement is of great advantage for printing and cutting applications; now laminated films in particular can be handled.

  Summa S Class 3 with roll holder

Automatic cutter

The cutting head has an automatic film cutter that allows finished film pieces to be cut from the roll.

  Head with automatic cutting unit

Intelligent object sorting

Intelligent object sorting minimizes material movement by sorting vectors horizontally in the direction of movement.

  Intelligent object sorting

Intelligent segmentation

Intelligent segmentation minimizes segment cuts by considering all objects that are not larger than the previously set segment size. All objects within the defined segment size are cut first.

  Intelligent segmentation

The following 2 models of the Summa S Class 3 with camera are available: S75 (TC) / S160 (TC)

Detailed product description: [ S Class 3 Brochure ]

PS: *The twin workflow described above, which describes a twin operation of roll cutter in connection with a flatbed cutter, can also be realized with devices from other manufacturers (e.g. Mimaki, Zünd, Graphtec) in a similar form with OptiScout. [ Request ]