Animations show the effect of the material database.

Qué es?

The material database is at the center of the realization of a production process automation. The contents of the material database can already be accessed at the stage of job preparation: Material, machine, tool and method are already known in the pre-production phase and can be taken into account during design - errors are thus avoided at an early stage.

Goal is the inventory of all materials, methods, machine and tool parameters. Ideally, the experience gained in the practice of all production processes of a company is incorporated in the material database.

Ventajas fundamentales

  • Working with a material database is faster and more reliable than rule of thumb method
  • Minimization of rejects while maintaining process quality
  • High, consistent product quality
  • Output file contains inherently all technology data for a frictionless production
  • Access to the database locally on the client computer or alternatively to a production computer / server via LAN

Funciones claves

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