OptiScout Timer

What is it?

OS Timer is an optional module for the approximate determination of the output time of production-ready finishing jobs. It can be used very flexible, as no device must be connected during the calculation.

The operation is very simple - 1. Import Data - 2. Select the driver - 3. Activate macro - 4. Edit output parameters (see fig. right) - 5. Get output time.

Experience shows that it is difficult to measure the costs of finishing production in advance. The rule of thumb method rarely leads to reasonable estimates. The risk of below-cost pricing is high. OS Timer prevents miscalculations safely and quickly.

The timer module provides a sufficiently accurate estimate of the output time, which is the essential factor for the calculation of a profitable production-ready finishing job. Virtually at the push of a button, the output time for different batches or series are displayed and that without the output device is blocked during the evaluation. The accuracy of the estimate is approximately 90% of the real time required. A very good value.

OS Timer allows the rapid determination of realistic production data for costing and proposal preparation. 

OptiScout Timer
Pre-estimation using output parameters
OptiScout Timer
List of Jobs with technology data

Key Benefits

- Special algorithms estimate quickly and realistically the
  expected output time of any finishing job

- It uses the technology data of the connected device

- Determines the data at any location
- The output device is not blocked while OS Timer is

- Optimizes production based on the estimation data
- Can be used with all OptiScout programs


Key Features

- Calculation without direct access to the output device possible
- Logging of calculated jobs with technology data
- For complex jobs, the accuracy achieves approximately 90%
- In driver dependent mode device-specific parameters are used to

Recommended for:

- Pre-calculation of production time

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