Roll Cutter Summa S Class 2 S160(TC)

Recommended Applications:

  • Predestinated for industrial workflows
  • High throughput
  • Processing of complete printed rolls - whether screen or digital printing - with subsequent (optional) rewind
  • Cut, Kisscut and FlexCut of printed rolls
  • Contour cutting of printed materiel
  • Camera-based mark recognition
  • Vinyl cuts in highest quality up to 158 cm / 62 inch width
  • Maximum Versatility:
    • cuts vinyl, offset films, fluorescent materials, sandblasting foils, ...
    • „punches” cardboard
    • pounces paper
    • draws with special pens
Summa S Class 2 S160(TC) OPOS CAM Cutting Plotter

Product Info -

EUROSYSTEMS's expert knowledge in industrial usage of camera-based recognition systems on flatbed cutters in Print & Cut Finishing market, lead to a joint development project for roll cutters. Summa's tangential S Class 2 series proved to be the matching device for an implementation of a camera. The roll cutters handle materials in widths 84 cm / 33 in, 145 cm / 57 in and 168 cm / 62 in. In conjunction with our high-end contour cutting software solution, a unique system for cut, Kisscut and FlexCut workflows of printed media rolls was developed.

Summa S Class 2 (TC ≡ Tangential Knife with OPOS CAM Camera)

Summa is known for its high quality, sturdy and reliable cutters whose product development and manufacturing takes place in Europe / Belgium.

They are fully equipped for all conceivable applications in finishing.

Summa S Class 2 models are among the fastest devices on the market. They have two very powerful servo motors which guarantee maximum speed - even in continuous use over many hours. Their superior tangential technology ensures that the high speed is not achieved at the expense of cutting quality.

Logo S Class 2




  • Ethernet port
  • USB memory stick slot
  • Additional Pinch Rollers
    for self installation
  • Faster processor (7x)
  • Strengthened media flanges
  • Colored 3,5" touch display
  • Reorganized menus
  • Multiple PCs can drive one device (Ethernet)

schließen Why OPOS CAM?

Camera instead of Sensor

Camera-based Mark Recognition
More flexible, faster and more fault-tolerant than sensor-based detection. This results in a significantly higher throughput while minimizing rejects.
OptiScout Camera - OPOS CAM
Speed Advantage
With camera-based detection the speed advantage compared to sensor-based detection is up to 10-fold.
OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition - Software-Edition for Roll Cutters
In connection with our OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition the mode "copies side by side" is possible. The arbitrary high number of usable video marks improves cutting accuracy.
OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition

schließen New Features in the S Class 2 Series

S Class 2 - Color Touch Screen S Class 2 - Easy User Guidance S Class 2 - Faster Processor

Color Touch Screen

Bright colors on a 3,5 inch screen ensure optimal readability of all functions.

Easy User Guidance

The newly organized menu structure facilitates navigation and setup.

Faster Processor

The 7 times faster processor speeds up all calculations and the USB communication.
S Class 2 - Ethernet Port / USB Host S Class 2 - Additional Pinch Rollers S Class 2 - Reinforced Media Flanges

Ethernet Port / USB Host

The Ethernet port provides a fast connection. The USB host port allows the use of USB flash drives to store data.

Additional Pinch Rollers

Special media need a higher contact pressure. For this purpose, additional pinch rollers can be installed by the user.

Reinforced Media Flanges

The media flanges were reinforced to carry heavy, large rolls of material.

schließen Proven Features from the Predecessor

S Class 2 - OPOS CAM Sensor S Class 2 - Contour Cutting S Class 2 - Flexcut

OPOS CAM - Camera

Summa's fourth generation of optical systems for contour cutting increases - in a significant way - productivity.

Contour Cutting

This notion is used for all workflows where printed materials are cut using video marks.


During FlexCut alternately a piece of the substrate is through-cut and half-cut (eg label production). More Mehr zum Thema
S Class 2 - Automatic Cutter S Class 2 - Pouncing S Class 2 - Two Tool Strips

Automatic Cutter

The cutting head houses an automatic cutter with which one can cut the finished piece from the roll.


The cutting head has a tool receptacle for a pouncing needle to perforate paper. Hole spacing is variable. More Mehr zum Thema

Two Tool Strips

The S Class 2 series has a hard strip for cutting vinyl (1) and soft strip for perforating paper (2).
S Class 2 - Tool Ledge S Class 2 - Smart Intelligence S Class 2 - Tracking System

Tool Ledge

A practical tool storage is available, so you can store small tools, such as knife holders, pins, etc. on it.

Smart Intelligence

S Class cutter use internal intelligent routines for optimizing the cutting data. The advanced projection technology cuts with increased efficiency.

Tracking System

The MicroSprocket system for media transport enables precise material feed. This ensures that the cutting job is cut with the guaranteed repeatability.

schließen Production Modes

The S Class 2 offers three different production functions:

  1. Several sheets in a row
    Screen printers work with sheets when the same job must be contour cut on hundreds of sheets. In that mode the OPOS system saves the position of the marks of the first sheet. Right after the second sheet is loaded, the system automatically searches for the other video marks and begins cutting the contour.
  2. Multiple copies on a roll
    When digital printers have the same job several times consecutively printed on a roll, the OPOS system need not be reactivated for each copy. It will only communicate the number of copies, and the distance between the various jobs. Then OPOS contours all copies - without operator intervention from outside.
  3. Multiple Jobs on a roll
    Often, not all jobs are the same on a roll. Therefore OPOS has the ability to process different contours or contour jobs sequentially. When the interaction between RIP and cutting software supports this mode, an entire roll of film of different print jobs are automatically processed in a single pass.
OPOS - Several Sheets

OPOS - Multiple Copies

OPOS - Multiple Jobs

schließen FlexCut

What is meant by FlexCut?

With the FlexCut function it is possible to cut stickers - almost like punched - from vinyl. In direct, alternating cuts first the film and then the film together with the carrier material is cut.

This results in a tear-off edge with webs which ensures that the film on the surface remains stable in order to ensure a smooth media transportation. The sticker can be weeded easily.


schließen Pouncing

What is meant by Pouncing?

S Class 2 has a second, soft cutting strip, which is required to perforate paper with the pouncing needle. The spacing of the holes may be varied. The cutting head has a special tool fitting for the needle.

Application: The pounced paper is laid on the new substrate. By means of a spray bottle or chalk powder an effigy of the artwork is produced on the substrate.

Pouncing with Summa S Class 2 S160 TC

schließen Optional Accessories

S Class 2 - Roll Up System S Class 2 - Media Rack

Roll Up System

The Roll Up System is an automatic system that winds the foil evenly. So you can cut entire foil rolls unattended.

Media Rack

The media rack is a holder for 3 extra foil rolls. The rolls can thus be stored in a space saving manner on the device.

schließen Technical Data - System Requirements

Technical Specs - Cutter Summa S Class 2 S160 (TC)
Material width 170 mm / 6.7 in - 1680 mm / 66.15 in
cutting width
1580 mm / 62.2 in
Speed up to 1410 mm/s diagonal (55.51 ips)
Cutting force 0-600 grams, in 5 g steps
Repeatability +- 0,1 mm up to 12 m / 472 in [(*) Foil < 760 mm / 29.92 in]
+- 0,1 mm up to 4 m / 157,48 in [(*) Foil > 760 mm / 29.92 in]
Repeatability USB, Ethernet
Internal Storage 16 MB
Dimensions 2250 mm / 88.58 in (B)  x  680 mm / 26.77 in (T)  x
1110 mm / 43.7 in (H)
T 1080 mm / 42.52 in when collection basket is opened
Weight 71 kg
What's in the box?
Stand Collection Basket
Power Cable Data Cable USB
2 Tangential Knives (Standard) / Holder / Nose Piece
1 Tangential Knife / Nose Piece (Sandblast)
1 Drag Knife (Standard) / Holder
CD with Summa Cutter Control Program for Windows
Ballpoint Plotpen / Holder Windows Cutting Utility Software
Pouncing Needle and Holder Operating Instructions
2 Media Flanges

System Requirements:

- Computer (PC or Mac)
- OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition


- Cutter
- Roll cutter
- Friction feed
- Tangential knife
- Price class 10.000 - 15.000 EUR

Recommended Accessories:

- Holder for additional foil roles
  (Media Rack)
- Automatic rewind system
  (Roll Up System)
- Additional pressure rolls
  (Pinch Rollers)


  • Camera-based mark detection
  • Sturdy, professional workmanship
  • Superior tangential technology
  • Very high throughput while very high cutting quality
  • Impressively large number of applications

The Summa S Class 2 OPOS CAM, with its remarkably versatile equipment features, is ideally suited for industrial finishing.

All specifications are subject to change. Errors and changes reserved.