Joint Project EUROSYSTEMS - Summa

EUROSYSTEMS's expert knowledge in industrial usage of camera-based recognition systems on flatbed cutters in Print & Cut Finishing market, lead to a joint development project for roll cutters. Summa's tangential S Class 2 series proved to be the matching device for an implementation of a camera. The roll cutters handle materials in widths 84 cm, 145 cm and 168 cm. In conjunction with our high-end contour cutting software solution, a unique system for cut, Kiss Cut and Flexcut workflows of printed media rolls was developed.



Camera-based Mark Recognition

More flexible, faster and more fault-tolerant than sensor-based recognition. This leads to a significant higher throughput and decreases simultaneously share of rejects.

Speed gain compared to sensor-based recognition: up to 10 times

Auto Cut-Off Knife

Summa's S Class 2 cutting head contains a cut-off knife, which cuts off media after output.

In connection with OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition the so called 'Copies side by side' mode is possible. The higher number of usable video marks enhances cutting precision.


With this tangential roll cutter so called Flexcut is possible.

Flexcut works with 2 pressure values:

  • 1st value: Through Cut (with quoting flex length)
  • 2nd value: Kiss Cut
  Summa Flexcut

Roll-Up System (optional)

Processing of completely printed rolls - either screen or digital printed - with roll up (option roll-up system) afterwards.

Note: This roll-up system is available for the large format S Class cutters (S140 & S160).

  Summa S CLASS 2 T with Roll-Up System

Media Rack (optional)

As it is integrated in the stand this usefull option is space saving as it can hold up to 3 extra rolls of vinyl! It includes 3 additional sets of core holders for easier and faster media replacement.

Note: This media rack is available for the large format S Class cutters (S140 & S160).


  Summa S CLASS 2 T with Media Rack

From Summa 3 S Class 2 models with camera are available: S75 (TC) / S140 (TC) / S160 (TC) OPOS CAM

Detailed product description: [ S75 (TC) | S140 (TC) | S160 (TC) ]