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Camera Retrofittable Devices

In principle all multifunction cutters can be retrofitted with a camera. They must be camera-ready for it. This can be done by the manufacturer itself or an authorized specialist.

Device Manufacturer and Type

Zünd PN line (S-800, M-800, M-1200, M-1600, L-800, L-1200, LR-1600, LH-1600, L-2500, L-3000, XL-800, XL-1200, XL-1600, XL-2500, XL-3000, 2XL-3000, 3XL-3000)

Zünd P line (P-700, P-1200, P-2000)

Wild TA line (Leica)

Camera Mounting

Authorized partners take care of installation and instruction. On request EUROSYSTEMS names a suitable partner.