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Many industrial companies are still working with Wild TA or Zünd P/PN series cutters. 

Rearmed with our finishing solution OptiScout Retrofit Kit your flatbed cutter can be integrated into each modern finishing workflow.

Retrofitted with a camera your cutter can cut, throughcut or mill printed materials contour exactly; inaccuracies that occur during the printing process will be corrected automatically by the software.

Equipped with our OptiScout Retrofit Kit your aged cutter becomes a professional digital contour cutting system that can be seamlessly integrated into any industrial print environment.

What is it?

The Retrofit Kit consists of:

    OptiScout Camera + OptiScout Retrofit

Key Benefits

- Modernizes your existing production machine
- Contour paths to cut can be imported directly from RIPs
  such as ONYX, Caldera or PosterPrint.

- Its open system architecture allows data import from
  design, illustration and CAD programs such as Illustrator,
  CorelDRAW, AutoCAD.
- Printed rolls can be cut or throughcut in one pass - in
  unlimited length.

Key Functions

- The camera detects so called video marks in different numbers, 
  shapes and colors and so allows processing of challenging 
  material like highly reflecting silver foil.
- Its integrated Workflow Manager automates the whole
  finishing process and supports even the most inexperienced

Fix a date for presentation:

Recommended for

- All Zünd flatbed cutters of the PN series (also M series, ...)
- All Zünd flatbed cutters of the P series
- All Wild / Leica flatbed cutters of the TA series


OptiScout Camera on Zünd PN with milling head  
OptiScout Camera on Zünd P series with C2 head  
OptiScout Camera on Wild TA 410  
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