Enhanced Mark Recognition

mark1_recognized.png   mark2_recognized.png   mark3_recognized.png
Register mark printed on keyboard
Punched hole in gasket
White printed register mark on
structured plastics (negative print)
mark4_recognized.png   mark5_recognized.png   mark6_recognized.png
Embroidered video mark
Video mark on printed circuit board
Video mark printed on reflective
safety flock
mark7_recognized.png   mark8_recognized.png   mark10_recognized.png
Register mark from offset print
Punched hole in mesh/net material
Video mark type: symmetrical objects
mark11_recognized.png   mark12_recognized.png   mark13_recognized.png
Crop mark type: angle
Crop mark type: open angle
Hairline circle
mark14_recognized.png     mark16_recognized.png
Job object edge used as video mark
Cardboard (0.2 in) edge used as video
Printed edge used as video mark
mark17_recognized.png   mark18_recognized.png   mark9_recognized.png
Highly reflective material (mirror foil)
Video mark printed on cotton canvas
Woven video mark in carpet

With OptiScout you probably get the most versatile regmark recognition on the market. Of all recognizable video marks or substitutes mark/material profiles can be generated. OptiScout has a teach in mode, where the effectiveness of several optical filters can be refined in order to find the optimal camera settings for the material.