! OptiScout Front-End & Design contains all functions of OptiScout Front-End and offers additional tools for design and job preparation.

Key Features


User Interface      

The functionally designed user interface can be adjusted by individual profiles. The so-called sidebar was extended by the production tab. Complex workflows can be defined and started using production profiles. This tab is a further step towards automatic automation of production processes.


Prepress / Design

Drawing Tools

The tools are comparable with tools from the well-known illustration programs CorelDRAW and Illustrator.

  • Vector tools
  • Square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, star, polygon, line, curve, sector of a circle
  • Color fill, outlining pin, gradient fill tool
  • Ruler and dimensioning function
  • Node editing tool - used for manipulation of the Bezier nodes

Bitmap Tools

A bitmap is a pixel graphic, which is characterized by the following attributes: resolution in dpi and color depth (number of colors)

Bitmap tools: see illustration on the right

Supported bitmap formats: TIF, GIF, JPG, PCX, BMP


Layout Mode   

In layout mode, page layouts can be designed and provided with placeholders for text and image information.

The placeholders (Container) can be filled with data from an Excel table or with images from any folder using the serialization function.



The OptiScout serialization is meaningful for the production of numerical orders, whereby both starting and end number and the incrementation can be defined individually. Each number can be provided with an alphanumeric prefix and/or suffix.

The input of numbers can be done manually and automatically from a CSV or EXCEL file. Apart from number sequences also arbitrary text rows (e. g. names) can be generated.

For each data record an action can be selected. Applicable actions are e. g.: Output on device, printing, exporting to the RIP

This function automates complex workflows and leads to substantial saving of time with jobs with same layout however individual contents.


Text Editor

The OptiScout text editor is a text tool, which offers functions one knows from word processing and also fulfills more sophisticated typographic requirements. That includes "text on circle", extended character set and tabulators.

The following vector font formats are supported: OpenType (.OTF), TrueType (*.TTF), URW (*.BE) and Adobe type 1 (*.PFM, *.PFB).


Barcode Fonts

A barcode is a machine-readable representation of information. Barcodes are widely implemented into modern production workflows because they improve the speed and accuracy of computer data.

Any Windows compatible barcode font can be used. Barcodes can also be used to locate and import files.


Capital Height Font Handling

The OptiScout text editor supports capital height font handling. This means that the height of a written word only depends on the capital letters. The advantage of this technology is that the height of different words remains comparable, no matter if the word contains lowercase letters with a descender like "g, y, j".


Single Line Fonts

The OptiScout font module is able to handle single line fonts. They have been developed especially for the fast engraving process. As these fonts are not filled, they are processed very quickly. The fonts don't need any tool radius correction, reducing the calculation time as well as processing time.

Windows Font    -    2L Single Line Font    -    1L Single Line Font

Job Preparation     Description see Front-End

Setup / Print     Description see Front-End

Mark Detection     Not included in this version

Finishing     Description see Front-End

Production Data Acquisition (PDA)     Description see Front-End

Maintenance     Description see Front-End

Important note: Not all of the features listed here are applicable or implemented on all machines supported by OptiScout. If you want to know exactly: EUROSYSTEMS contact

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