Field of Application

Which camera is suitable for which device depends on the field of application, the mounting possibility and the sturdiness of the tool head base. We are happy to inform you which camera is recommended for your device. For this we need the exact device name and tool head of your device.

Big Camera

OptiScout Camera Big

What's in the box?

- CCD color camera CS/C-Mount
- 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD CCD sensor
- Pentax / Ricoh lens
- Cable set: Video (BNC)
- Mount
- Box

OptiScout Camera Big Contents

Camera Light (optional*) 

The additional LED light has a positive effect when the background or the register mark itself is diffusely reflecting or shadows must be reduced.

Whether a camera light for capturing video marks is supportive or prevents recognition, mainly depends on the combination of video mark / background.

What's in the box?

- LED ring for C mount lens
- Cable
- Mounting accessories

OptiScout Camera LED light

Small Camera

OptiScout Camera Small

What's in the box?

- Mini camera CCD Color with fix lens
- 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD CCD sensor
- 12 V power
- Cable set: Video (BNC)
- Mount

OptiScout Camera Small Contents

System requirements for both cameras:

- Device must be camera-ready (see on the right)
- Host program: OptiScout Production & Design, Production
- Video Grabber

What means camera-ready?

You need this information of the manufacturer of your device:
- Connection available (BNC / USB / DC)?
- Controller/Boards compatible?
- Firmware update necessary?
- Boom and/or cable feed available?
- Power supply 12 V available?

*) Camera light available in 3 versions::
   1 Complete - camera incl. lighting
   2 Camera in Exchange: buyer exchanges his old camera with new one including lighting
   3 Lighting kit for self-assembly