Start Tool Paths - Auxiliary Paths for Milling And Lasering

The task of Start Tool Paths is the optimization of the immersion process of the milling tool. The point of immersion should remain invisible during the milling of the object.

When milling or laser cutting it often happens that at the start or end point of an object immersion marks are visible, which negatively influence the result - even if only visually. For optimum machining results, the start and end points of the processing should be located outside of the object contour. This can be achieved using additional tool paths, so-called Start Tool Paths, which attach to the object contour.

The starting point can be provided with a start tool path, which tacks outside, inside, oblique, tangentially or at a predetermined location of the object contour.

Note: The job preparation with Start Tool Paths is also possible with OptiScout Prepare. The output is done with Front End or Production.

Milling Tool


Aluminum, acrylic, foam, cellular sheets, wood, brass, PVC


  1. Selection of objects to be equipped with Start Tool Paths
  2. Selection of the desired Start Tool Path type with the associated parameters
  3. The milling paths are traced optimized (see animation).
Lead In / Lead Out Tool Paths