Laser Cutting Gap Correction

Aim of the cutting gap correction is the dimensional accuracy of the lasered object.

The kerf correction is an element of the post-processing with laser cutting, a thermal separation process using a laser. The deviation which is caused by the cutting gap of the laser (≈ 0.004 in) must be compensated side properly before the output, in order to maintain a perfect object measure in the production.

The kerf compensation is comparable to the cutter radius compensation with the difference that the value range is 4/1000 of an inch.

Note: The job preparation with laser cutting gap correction is also possible with OptiScout Prepare. The output is then made with Front-End or Production.

Laser Head


Cork, acrylic, Dibond, foam, wood, leather, polycarbonate, polyimide, polyurethane, textile


  1. Selection of objects to be cut dimensionally accurate
  2. Definition of the compensation value in the corresponding OptiScout dialog
  3. The laser paths will be traversed optimized (see animation)
Kerf Compensation