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EUROSYSTEMS was founded. Because in those days the available sign-making software was more or less custom-made on manufacturer-specific systems and very expensive, they decided to develop their own software. On the basis of the revolutionary user surface of Microsoft Windows 3.0, EUROSYSTEMS developed with EuroCUT a stand-alone open-architecture sign-making software which set benchmarks regarding intuitive operability, ergonomics and value for money.


EUROSYTEMS became a Corel Solution Partner and developed CoCut - the world's first cutting software plug-in for CorelDRAW - and one of the most successful ideas in the signmaking software market began. CoCut met the strong demand in the signmaking market for software which works closely with CorelDRAW, the major design software in the PC market. Sign-makers all over the world loved the idea of having software fully integrated in the CorelDRAW desktop, which makes CorelDRAW cut simply by pressing a button without importing and exporting.


During the years CoCut became more powerful. EUROSYSTEMS joined the Adobe Solutions Network. Based on OPOS, EUROSYSTEMS developed the Automatic Alignment Tool. OPOS is an optical sensor system for drum cutter developed and patented from Summagraphics. The AAT allows to contour-cut printed images on all kind of cut-plotters. Besides Europe, North America became the most important market for the EUROSYSTEMS software products.


CoCut MultiTool with an AutoCAD plug-in was integrated into the CoCut product range and EUROSYSTEMS became an authorized Autodesk developer. CoCut MultiTool can drive machines with multiple tools on different tool-heads direct from AutoCAD software. The powerful postprocessor guarantees a professional workflow of the different tools in one process. Besides the signmaking, screen-printing and visual communications industries EUROSYSTEMS S.à.r.l. could join new markets in the CAD area such as the textile-, leather- and packaging industries.


To provide the growing demand for the integration of cut-plotter into a professional print & cut workflow the Automatic Alignment Tool was continuously developed by EUROSYSTEMS. Especially the combination of the AAT with the optical recognition systems from the different plotter brands makes EUROSYSTEMS software a unique tool for the professional integration of cut-plotter into any kind of print & cut workflow.


EUROSYTEMS develops, out of the AAT, OptiScout a modular optical recognition system for multifunctional flatbed machines. OptiScout is a combination of the special EUROSYSTEMS software know-how in plug-in-, AAT- and postprocessor-technology with a camera system. Very soon the Swiss company Zünd, a worldwide leader in flatbed plotter technology, became a partner for OptiScout.


A complete OptiScout product range is launched by EUROSYSTEMS. Software products for design, nesting and laser engraving round off the OptiScout product range. More new products like OptiTRACE, an automatic tracing tool or further developments like the integration of barcode are on the way. Today companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, Shell, Lufthansa, Airbus, Boeing and Deutsche Telekom work with our software. More than 30,000 software products bearing the "EUROSYSTEMS" trademark are working on all continents - perhaps at your site soon.


The 'Workflow-Manager', a new product in the OptiScout product range, is launched. With the Workflow-Manager either an automatic or manual workflow control is possible. Since the release more than 250 OptiScout recognition systems are sold worldwide.


This web presence www.optiscout.com was launched.
OptiScout upgrade 6.5 with enhanced mark recognition and updated import plug-ins was released. Our range of products was extended by OS Front-End & Design.
September 2008: 500th OptiScout license granted
viscom 2008: OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition released


Further development and refinement of recognition module. New and optimized device drivers for e. g. Zünd G3, eurolaser, BZT, vhf, Mécanuméric and others.


September 2010: > 850 OptiScout installations
October 2010: OptiScout Retrofit Kit - Backfitting set for Wild TA, Zünd P series cutters and HPGL milling machines


Spring: OptiScout Touch & Go - Touch screen interface, which simplifies complex industrial production workflows
Summer: OptiScout Suite Release 7 with enhanced customizable user interface, macro functions and integrated Workflow Manager for advanced usability.


Spring: Development partnership with Colex Industries (USA), elsign - Elektronik & Sign GmbH (Germany),  topcut-bullmer GmbH (Germany), C O S I G N Graphic Systems bv, (Netherlands)
Summer: Relaunch of OptiScout website in English and German; Fall/Winter: Website in French and Spanish
July 2012: > 1300 OptiScout installations


Website in French and Spanish
March 2013: Output Time Calculator - optional precalculation module for prediction of output time
July 2013: > 1700 OptiScout installations
December 2013: OptiScout controls Zünd S3 series


Development partnership: Microsystems World CNC
Compatibility partnership with the RIP manufacturers SAi, ColorGATE, GMG
Retrofit-Kit now also for Zünd PN series (S-, M-, L-, XL-, ...)
July 2014: > 2000 OptiScout installations
October 2014: Version 7.5 with plug-ins for CorelDRAW X7, Illustrator CC, AutoCAD 2015, InDesign and Inkscape
Interactive and dynamic milling cutter radius compensation with cleaning path
LED lights - Upgrade kit for big camera


February 2015: Version 7.5.2 supports QR Code workflow
March 2015:New distributor in Poland: KSM Kumor,Stando SP.J.C.A.T
June 2015: New distributor in Great Britain: G&A Technical Solutions
June 2015: Compatibility Partnership with the RIP manufacturer Agfa (Asanti)
July 2015: > 2500 OptiScout Installations
August 2015: New distributor in France: FOGEPACK Systèmes
Double line removal as a macro


Various adjustments for Windows 10, e.g. for TrueType Fonts
IGES and Gerber ISO import as optional feature
Version 7.5 with plug-ins for CorelDRAW X8, Illustrator CC 2015, AutoCAD 2017 and InDesign CC 2015
May: New distributor in Great Britain: Assyst Bullmer Ltd
Juliy2016: > 3000 OptiScout Installations
Separate sort routine for Regmarks
Barcode mode for ColorGATE RIP


July 2017: > 3700 OptiScout installations
Version 7.5 with plug-ins for CorelDRAW 2017, Illustrator CC 2017, AutoCAD 2018 and InDesign CC 2017
Tandem mode for Summa cutter (F series)
Improved detection routines for OptiScout (Threshold filter)
November 2017: OptiScout 8 released
New: QR Code / Barcode workflow module
New: OptiScout Prepare (~ formerly OptiScout Design) - Design software for clients without a post-processor
New module: Material Database for the central administration of technology data


Spring: Relaunch OptiScout website
In preparation: Production Manager - Module for automating Print & Cut workflows