EUROSYSTEMS Production Workflow Management Solutions

Industrial Print & Cut Production from Prepress to Finishing

The following scenarios shows the OptiScout modules Material Database and Production Manager embedded into 5 typical, industrial workflows. This two modules provide for automatical, frictionless workflow from printing to finishing.

With the help of printed QR, Postnet or EAN codes, a manufacturing process is enabled, that identifies Jobs automatically.The central OptiScout material database ensures that all the necessary information, such as: materials, methods, tools and technology data is available. OptiScout's Production Manager adapts and synchronizes processes and creates a balance between customer requirements and technology.

Scenario 0

The Material Database

Scenario 1

Decal Workflow with Kiss Cut / Through Cut Finishing

Scenario 2

Life-size Standup Workflow with Milling Finishing

Scenario 3

Art Print Workflow with Through Cut Finishing

Scenario 4

Packaging Workflow with Through Cut / Creasing Finishing

Scenario 5

Tech Textile Workflow with Through Cut Finishing