What is it?

The fitting OptiScout for roll cutters, on basis of the high-end finishing solution OptiScout Production for flatbed cutters, is OptiScout Roll Cutter Edition. It enhances cutter's possibilities with special production modes which allow industrial 'Print & Cut' series production - from few to many.

Roll Cutters in Industrial Fields

So far, roll cutters are not or hardly used in industrial environments. Summa developed with the S Class series a friction feed cutter, that meets industrial requirements (rugged case, tangential cutting head, roll up system, high performance).

Features compared to flatbed cutters:

- Higher throughput when cutting vinyl,
  as material and head move simultaneously
- Comparable cutting quality (tangential cutting)
- Smaller footprint (less than 3 square meters)
- Lower acquisition costs
- Reduced maintenance and service costs

Key Benefits

- Exact contour compensation
- Industrial production modes and workflows on roll cutters
- Seamless integration into existing print environments

Fix a date for presentation:

Key Features

- Drivers for Summa S Class / S Class 2
  S75T / S140T / S160T OPOS CAM
- Summa Flexcut support*
- Direct transfer of contour data from RIPs like
  Caldera, ONYX, PosterPrint
  - OXF format (OptiScout eXchange File)
- Bar code import
- Variable number, form and color of definable video marks
- Option: Touch & Go

* Flexcut works with 2 pressure values:
1st value: Through Cut (with quoting flex length), 2nd value: Kiss Cut

Recommended for:

- Applications with Flexcut and/or Kiss Cut
- Industrial finishing of printed media
  - Especially processing of vinyl
  - Processing of complete rolls
- In some cases cost-saving alternative to flatbed cutter systems
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