What is it?

Modular optical recognition software system for multifunctional flatbed machines for industrial usage in outline-exactly digital finishing processes

Production plus job preparation and design software, which supports the whole 'Print & Cut' workflow.

Key Benefits

- Supports industrial automatized workflows
- Fits in every existing workflow
- Generation and manipulation of output data possible
  on every stage of workflow

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Key Features

All OS Front-End tools plus
All OS Production tools plus

- Composition of print and cut data
- Vector tools (drawing and node editing)
- Design tools for laser / routing applications
- Text editor with single line font support
- Tracing and Bitmap tools
- Job Manager
- Clipart Manager

Recommended for:

- Applications, which need camera supported recognition
- All applications which need to cut, die cut, laser or mill
  printed materials outline-exactly
- Multifunctional flatbed machines with customized tool heads
- All HPGL and G-Code capable machines
- Users, who need to manipulate output data
- For all users who want to design and produce in one
  consistent user interface
- Existing Zünd multi functional flatbed cutters or comparable
  machines can be equipped with a camera
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