Membrane Keyboard

Non Scaled Output

For non scaled output only positioning is done using video marks. Output objects are centered on the expected position in unchanged size. This option is activated by selecting "Fixed size at output" in "Object Properties".

In this case output may not be scaled, because final product must fit in a given form (see example membrane keyboard).

Differently than as a rule without scaling only rotation and position are corrected.

Application example for non scaled output: membrane keyboard


Edge Recognition, Flexible Tool Head Control

Figure describes the different steps for producing a packaging sample. The printed cardboard is placed on the flatbed table. Edge recognition of OptiScout corrects orientation without using its video marks. After recognition the back side is creased with the creasing tool. Then cardboard is cut with the tangential knife or the electrical oscillating knife. Final product of this workflow is a packaging sample with scale 1:1.

Application example for packaging